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Miracles are happening - Iva Novakova

I admit I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to various alternative methods. Unless I get a hands-on experience, I don’t believe it. Thus when I received an offer to test a Somavedic device, about which I had read a lot at that time, I was very curious. Is it really such a "miraculous" device like all reviews are telling us?

How does it all work?

Firstly for those who don’t know what it is, a short introduction of the device. It is known for ages that each specific mineral “vibrates” at a certain frequency and has the ability to radiate this vibration into its surroundings, and thus influence it. It applies not only to minerals but to everything else. This energy is particularly strong with stones, which to a certain degree corresponds to their medical use, which usually narrows down to using individual stones.

Based on the particular type, Somavedic has twelve to nineteen of such stones and is built on a principle of controlled release of their energy. If we let particular minerals in a certain and precise layout work in a common correlation, mutually supporting vibrations will be able to positively harmonize the surrounding environment. Whether it has to do with geopathic zones, electromagnetic (EMF) radiation or other influences, which also vibrate at a certain frequency range. Today this can be measured with bioresonant devices and the producer uses these data for an optimal function of Somavedic. It should harmonize people, give them energy, help them with regeneration and healing or improve their quality of sleep and clear their lymphatic system. To put it simply to improve their quality of life. It all sounded a little bit like a small miracle, which I was very curious about.

We begin…

Each beginning is hard and this path to health was not supposed to be without complications either. According to Ivan Rybjansky, the device has strong detoxification effects, which might not be pleasant from the beginning. People can have a hard time falling asleep, have headaches, etc. But then it begins… “In the first phase, after about a week, the quality of sleep will surely improve. With children it is basically immediate, they don’t have so much burden. In the next phase the body starts getting rid of parasites and energetic blockages and it clears the lymphatic system – in this phase people can go through something like the flu,” the creator explains, how “harmonisation” of frequencies and disrupting harmful zones work, whether those from the earth, or from electromagnetic waves from electronics.

“Each Somavedic is basically an original and has a different effect on everyone. It also relates to their path of destiny,” a nontraditional designer explains. I can confirm all his words precisely after a week of use. I put the device on a place so that it didn't only harmonize us at home, but so that the radius of 50 meters of its effect would include our editorial office, members of which at first didn’t have any clue about its existence so that we could rule out a placebo effect.

Things started happening almost immediately. The first night we weren’t able to fall asleep at all, we had a headache and generally were feeling very tired. This gradually subsided, but at the end of the week other problems came up. Half of the people went through some kind of a gastric flu, the other half had pains in joints and muscles. This lasted from 24 to 48 hours. The weird thing was that the symptoms showed up with three people basically at the same time. The next week we felt like nothing was happening when it comes to things getting better. My colleague, who suffers from migraines, complained about a constant headache, and my son, who has problems with diarrhea, had even bigger problems with it. Not even any improvement with our dog, who has been undergoing treatments with damaged intestines long-term. I admit we were tempted to turn off the device. After all, it wasn’t helping, it was rather making things worse and if it wasn’t for reviews of people thanking the creator and ordering new devices, we would have given up. But then it happened…

The miracle came…

But then basically overnight there was a twist. First, it became evident with our dog, after all, Mr. Rybjansky said that animals are the most sensitive. A puppy, which since birth has suffered from protracted diarrhea and intestine illness was suddenly without problems the first, second and third week. It started to thrive and put on weight. Then the device began to have an effect on us. The previous week at work we felt tired and without energy, nothing was working and nothing was progressing. But suddenly as if a new impulse came. We started to feel we would handle everything and business results skyrocketed as if by magic. Everyone started smiling more and no one wanted to fight over trivialities. It was suddenly like the light was turned on or the Sun came up after a long winter. It cannot be described more precisely. Even people visiting us started saying how good they feel at our office.

A strange sign was also cleaning. Suddenly we all started to feel a need to have everything clean and in order around us. At one point all the dustbins were full. Even I suddenly had empty shelves in the pantry, a bookcase for books, I had a need to replant my flowers, buy new bed linen and clean windows. The time has come to clean inside and outside.

Somavedic is addictive…

The truth is that now I understand when someone says Somavedic is addictive and they buy new and new modifications. You just don’t want to live without that feeling of well-being and safety. In one week we are leaving for a holiday and what do you think? Somavedic is going with us…

Iva Novakova

Chief editor

Moje rodina ("My Family")

Published in "My Family" magazine

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