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Teal Swan

Within four days of sleeping with one in the room, I noticed that it was causing my body to flush itself free of free radicals, bacteria, parasites, and chemical toxicity. I was sweating as well as using the restroom frequently and feeling more purified each time. Read more… “Teal Swan”

Medic Amber

Venus Andrecht

Venus’s “Mr. Lime Story”… A Big Adventure With A Dazzling Little Being. Read more… “Venus Andrecht”

Medic uran


Somavedic came to our life thanks to the trust and generosity of Marcela and Martin, that are working with and distributing Somavedic for some years now. Read more… Read more… “Lucia”

Medic uran


It is unbelievable what all this little shining thing, which is nice to look at, can do. I´m really glad that Somavedic has come my way and that it´s become a new member of our family. Read more… “Marcela”

Atlantik, Harmonie, Medic


Atlantik makes crystal water in a carafe and in all vegetables and food we put near it. When you taste it, you will understand that this blue friend is a priceless helper. Literally a miracle in action. Read more… “Marek”


Joanne (Kindred Spirit)

After 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in ‘brain fog’ and the random shooting pains and twinges I regularly experienced on various areas of my body had decreased by 40%. Mood swings also had decreased in frequency and intensity. Read more… “Joanne (Kindred Spirit)”



I would like to thank you very much for Somavedic! I have had it in my house for over six months now and I am very satisfied with it. Read more… “Martina”

Medic uran


Three times my friend told me about Somavedic and its effects. It went in one ear and out the other. But then he showed me the Medic “live”. The energy coming out of the device literally tickled me…since then, Somavedic has been an integral part of my life. Read more… “Martin”



Since the first hours Somavedic was installed, I´ve had a feeling that my apartment is being “cleaned up”. I also quite intensively want to clean up. I essentially perceive very friendly and “kind” atmosphere and I don´t want to leave my apartment. Read more… “Vera”

Atlantik, Medic

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