Medic Uran reference from Venus Andrecht
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It was early February when I personally met and held the little dazzling lime green 'Being' that I call Mr. Lime. (His Formal title as a Somavedic model is: Medic Uran)

My latest Adventure had begun in early January with an unexpected email from the Czech Republic from a man named Juraj. He wondered if I would be interested in testing a product. He sent me some information about the products and my interest was immediate and immense. "I want to try this out!" I emailed back.What I have come to call 'My Mr. Lime' arrived quickly. The
information Juraj initially gave me follows (below) after my personal experiences with what I call Mr. Lime for a 2 month period. These are my Notes (not necessarily in order!) that I jotted down as I tested Mr. Lime for these 2 months:


I plug Mr. Lime into an electrical socket in my living room. I bask in his warm lime green glow. My cousin Robin comes into the house and says she can feel the Energy from Mr. Lime. She now likes to come visit me and sit by him.


It's been a month or so when I suddenly notice that my really big potted in-house peace lilies and another big plant with waxy red blooms have bright, glossy new foliage at the tops of them and are sprouting their flowers. I had been concerned because all the leaves were yellowing and browning at the edges and looking distressed. I have just today started watering them with the structured water that Mr. Lime makes. The water has been tested and shows before and after photos. The structured water shows perfect crystal pictures like snowflakes. Structured water is the healthiest water and comes from glaciers and deep underground, pure springs. I find as I go along that Mr. Lime does all that the other orbs do individually including making Structured Water. These plants all now live in my Great Room with Mr. Lime.

I've just purchased a Mr. Lime for my daughter Summer and one a step down from him that I am calling 'Lily' (Medic). She does everything Mr. Lime does except make the structured water. I call her Lily because she emits beautiful luminous lavender and rose light. I'm putting Lily in my granddaughter Lexi's bedroom. It's energies will go through the wall and into her brother Loch's room as well. I see my granddaughter Lexi when I take Mr. Lime and Lily to them. "Baba!" Lexi says, coming close and looking full on into my face. "You look different!" She can't decide why or how but she thinks it's a good thing. (Could it be Mr. Lime at work?) A few days later Summer tells me she put Mr.Lime in her bedroom that night and that she "Slept like a top!" "What's that all about !?" She marvels.


About 3PM I sat down and reflected on today. I wrote out a long list of everything I had gotten done. My gosh! My younger self is back! (Hello? Mr. Lime is it you?)


Ted, my Tax man comes to my house to collect my tax information. We sit at my dining room table with Mr. Lime nearby. Ted wants to know what that 'Gr