Where does Somavedic help?

Somavedic has found it’s place in many places.

Take a look at the most common uses.


Home is synonymous with peace, comfort and time spent with family. It’s a place for relaxing from everyday stress, an area for pumping positive energy and strength.

Somavedic harmonises the environment and relieves the body from the disturbing effects of modern civilisation such as electro-smog and electro-magnetic radiation.

In the office

Every day we are surrounded by Wi-Fi networks, antennas transmitting mobile signals or a large number of cables conducting electricity.

In the offices where we spend most of our day, we are exposed to a heavy load in the form of electric and magnetic fields that have a negative impact on our efficiency, our natural immunity and the functioning of our most important muscle – the heart.

On the go

A large number of travellers would like to take a bit of home with them on their travels. To have the opportunity to escape for a while to a place of peace and to calm down. However, hotel rooms can’t always provide such comforts.

If you want to create a homely atmosphere wherever you go, don’t forget to pack a Somavedic. It cleanses harmful influences from any space and allows you to gather strength for the following day.

At school

Children can easily spend a third of their day at school. At place where a large number of children meet on a daily basis, so there’s a real risk of rapidly transmissing viral diseases and also decreasing natural body defences.

Our children deserve a pleasant environment that they like and which helps them to learn and essentially a place where they’re eager to return.

In hospital

Hospitals are one of the most important places where Somavedic really helps. It allows patients to relax, regenerate and protects them from harmful effects at a time when their body especially needs peace and a healthy environment for healing.

Hospitals are perceived as places that we always prefer to avoid. What if a prolonged stay is unavoidable? Somavedic will bring a little piece of home to each patient in this sterile place.

In public areas

Whether it’s a cafe, a library or the lobby of a large bank, these places have one thing in common. They lay emphasis on a pleasant environment in which visitors move.

The cleanliness, elegance and emphasis on a safe and comfortable environment are the most common features that customers evaluate in the interiors. Where the deisgner helps with the visible side of the interior, Somavedic can help with the invisible side.

In many other places

It doesn’t matter where you are as long as Somavedic is close.

Somavedic device’s are used everywhere, where people are on the move and where we want to bring some light, peace and well-being.

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