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The most frequently asked questions about Somavedic technology answered by innovator and inventor Ivan Rybjanský (VIDEO)

Somavedic is a device that has already fascinated more than 140,000 satisfied users around the world with its wide range of effects.

Naturally, many questions arise around Somavedic, which we answer individually for everyone who expresses an interest through our customer care.

However, we decided to film the popular Q&A format directly with the innovator and inventor of Somavedic, Ivan Rybjanský. You can watch the second part about the technology and principles of Somavedic right here on our blog.

Individual questions in the video:

  • How does Somavedic work?
  • Is there any technology in Somavedic?
  • Do you collaborate with scientists on development?
  • Does it lose its effectiveness over time?
  • How do I verify its effectiveness?
  • Is it problem when the light goes out?
  • Should it be on long-term?
  • Is one Somavedic enough for me?
  • What should I do to make Somavedic as effective as possible?
  • Where do you recommend placing it?
  • I'm having trouble sleeping, but I also want to stay in the dark. Can I cover it up?
  • You also sell Keychains and Tinys. Who are they for and what are they for?
  • What are the conditions for someone to start collaborating with you?

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