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Christine - Deep healing and cleansing thanks to Somavedic

I can attest to the efficacy of Somavedic products...I got the Meeic Green Ultra, and my family and I went through such an intense detox process the first few days after we got it we thought we were dying 馃槄馃槄 sweating, EXTREME mood swings, feeling sick and weak, etc.

Everything tapered off after a week or so, and now everything in my life is operating at a much higher vibrational level.

I put it on top of my piano and it actually helped me to start composing again after several years, which is a MIRACLE! It makes this house feel like a safe place, which is a feeling I never had before given that I live in the heart of a very noisy and chaotic downtown.

I鈥檓 pretty sensitive to EVERYTHING, so this has been a godsend! I actually leave the house a lot less since I got the device, because nowhere else in the city feels as good.

My life has radically shifted since I got this device鈥o much healing and deep cleansing has taken place. It feels like a good friend, a protector that I can count on 24/7, and im so grateful for it.

I highly recommend you get a Somavedic if you can!! Think of it as a lifelong investment鈥otally worth it!!


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