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Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic models reference from Lada and Miluska

It was approximately a year ago that we bought Somavedic Harmonie, a device with which we are satisfied. It is a being with amazing fine energy, creating pleasant vibrations in the environment and our bodies. You can see it all around, for instance, our flowers thrive now even more. Our dog and tomcat behave differently, too. The meditations are deeper. Harmonie is a perfect assistant to those who are searching. A lot was written here and we entirely agree with these opinions and experience very much the same.

Somavedic Atlantik was the next to come. We would never believe that it could treat water and impart it a soft, tasty and sweet flavor. We do not know how the trick works but it is perfect. We became addicted to this water after drinking it and feel tempted to sip it constantly. We drink tapped water a lot and when we accidentally drink untreated water standing on the table, our taste buds immediately react and recognize that the water was not treated by the Atlantik device. Everyone can try it themselves. When we had visitors and had them try this water, everyone reacted to the treated water a bit differently but recognized that it was not the same as untreated. But that is not all. Since the human body consists of water to 80 %, it needs pure water to purify itself but it must be water in harmony with and tuned to our body (and that is what Atlantik can do). After drinking water treated with Atlantik for a week, our urine became foamy and yellowish. This was not the case before, the urine was rather transparent and, conversely, dark in the morning. Water treated with Atlantik evened the urine qualities out to a great degree and avoided extremes by distributing the same qualities nicely over the whole day. The body was purifying itself! The dog and tomcat have no parasites anymore and have sleek hair because they drink treated water, too, and, in addition, they enjoy the positive effects of Harmonie ...

Then we bought Somavedic Medic - a device vibrating with energy and spreading it all around.....

I will give you an example to illustrate its energy: Image a passionate chain smoker used to smoky pubs comes to a place with clean air - he must immediately light up a cigarette to avoid intoxication with fresh air! It is similar to Somavedic Medic!

Mr. Rybjanský came up with a great and amazing invention for mankind. He deserves great acknowledgment for this. It is a new technology which we should appreciate and start using since mankind needs spiritual assistants. This assistant is very important to us and others will follow!

Thank you!

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