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Medic, Harmonie and Atlantik models reference from Mrs. Marcela V.

It was in the evening when we turned on Somatex for the first time. On the next day, I was noticing a completely different mood throughout the day. I felt light and comfortable. Another day it turned upside down and I was in a bad mood. From the following day, the strong mood and feelings swings stabilized and I felt this shift or advancement to a different level - to lightness and a feeling of being cleansed. All that still lasts. This is how I perceive it: the Somatex high vibrations started to raise my frequency immediately and restructure the energy pattern of my body. In the upcoming days, I also started using the colloid solutions and herbal drops recommended by the manufacturer of Somatex. It´s been seven weeks since we turned Somatex on, and I feel incomparably better. Since last week, I can even say my sleep has strongly improved, it has deepened. I believe that the effects of Somatex and the healing treatment will yet fully manifest, and I´m really looking forward to that. We already have three Somatex devices at home - Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic but I think there will be some more added...:)

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    Wpływ urządzenia Somavedic Sky przyniesie wyjątkowy spokój i harmonię a także poprawi regenerację organizmu i lepszy sen.